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For Foodservice related inquiries, please email your request to Please include your business name, type of product, estimated monthly order and contact information.

Note: The minimum monthly order requirement is 2500 lbs. For orders less than 2500 lbs per month, please contact DOT Foods at 1-800-366-3687 (

For international sales or export inquiries, please email your request to

* Will you be ordering at least 2,500 lbs of product per month?
In order to establish a new business account with Conagra Brands, your regular order must be at least 2,500 lbs. If you cannot meet the minimum order requirements, please call 1-877-CON-AGRA from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. We would be happy to help you find a distributor who is able to sell you our products in smaller quantities. Alternately, you can buy from a wholesaler such as Sam's Club®, Costco® or
* Do you plan on exporting or having us export this product for you?
Unfortunately, at this time we are not currently developing new business accounts for businesses interested in exporting our products.

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Consumer Foods

Our Consumer Foods segment manufactures and markets leading brand products to retail customers in the United States. This category of business includes sales to grocery retailers, grocery wholesalers, convenience stores, drug stores, dollar stores, mass merchandisers, club membership stores, specialty stores, and military commissaries.


Our Foodservice Distribution provides food and goods to foodservice businesses. Foodservice is a business term which is mostly synonymous with "catering." Foodservice firms typically supply meals on a contract basis to institutions such as schools and hospitals, and also offer corporate catering or serve the general public through fast-food outlets, coffee shops and sometimes as restaurant franchisees.

Lamb Weston®

Lamb Weston is a leading producer of quality frozen potato products and top supplier to foodservice chains and distributors worldwide.


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