Corporate Social

We believe great food comes from doing what is right for all — whether by making nutritious food that is prepared safely with ingredients that are responsibly sourced, or being a caretaker of our communities and environment. Our commitment to being a good corporate citizen comes to life through our focus areas: Better Planet, Good Food, Stronger Communities and Responsible Sourcing, and it drives our robust environmental and social initiatives.


Our citizenship approach is guided by our materiality assessment, a cross-functional analysis of topics most material to the food industry, our business and our stakeholders. The assessment provides a detailed view on the relative priority of environmental, social and governance topics that Conagra Brands influences.

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The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) connects businesses and investors to the financial impacts of sustainability. Conagra Brands’ reporting uses the Standard for the Processed Foods industry as defined by SASB’s Sustainable Industry Classification System®.

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Good Food

We strive to make safe, delicious, affordable and nutritious food. And to help consumers make educated food choices, we’re doing more to ensure they have quick, easy access to the information they seek.


Purchasing ingredients and materials is about more than just cost and quality. It’s about doing the right thing throughout our supply chain. We believe in prioritizing the humane treatment of animals, local and sustainable sourcing, and ethical supplier behavior.

Better Planet

We’re taking action to help prevent climate change, preserve water resources and eliminate waste.


We’re dedicated to creating shared value in the places our employees live and work. Through our approach to corporate ethics, workplace culture and giving back to communities, we’re focused on making an impact on social and environmental issues in the locations closest to us.

Scalable Innovation

Innovation is at the center of all we do. We have a deep understanding of what consumers want—and when we combine this insight with modern attributes and authentic flavors, we deliver great tasting food across both our iconic and emerging brands.